A smart camera to a CRM database

Traffic Counting

Capture photos of each customer the moment they enter your store.

  • Count buying groups.
  • Exclude counts. Eliminate photos that are not valid opportunities such as employee, delivery person duplicates.
  • Capture all your store entrances. If a store has more than one entry, photos will be merged with time.
  • Camera Alerts. Automatic alerts and instructions to get your camera back up and running.

Prospect CRM

Keep track of previous customers all in one place.

  • Filter for prospects who contain certain criteria.
  • View each customer’s history. All activity about each customer and prospective customer is displayed in an easy to follow timeline.
  • Add activities, attachments, drawings, and notes to your customer record. Attach any documents or photos about the sales activities related to the customer.
  • Action Calendar.
  • Scheduled Action status tracking within Action Calendar.
  • Start sending emails and email campaigns from Doorcounts to tie sales communications with your customers.
  • Set up email templates. Define standard templates for sending follow up emails, scheduled activities, and sales events.
  • Send email campaigns to filtered prospects. Then send them your campaign template.

Activities and Events

Stay on top of your scheduled follow up activities and events.

  • Schedule follow up activities. Add appointments and items for prospective clients.
  • Gather custom insights about your customers’ visit. Immediately get the picture of what is happening with all customers, salespeople, and stores.
  • Capture sales and customer contact info. Sale amount, ticket name, address, will be captured. An automatic interface from some POS systems.



Every customer to a salesperson

Sales Person Upboard

A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage staff and customers on the sales floor.

  • Customize your up board rotation logic. Automatically track and assign customers to salespeople.
  • Real-Time stats of every salesperson’s activity such as opportunities, sales, no sales, conversion rate. Etc.
  • Handle high traffic volume. Turn on the open floor toggle so sales staff can manually assign themselves to photos.

Sales Person Interaction Management

Click on assigned customer images to add details about every in-store interaction with clients.

  • Update customer photos with results. The salesperson will designate the result of each opportunity.
  • Capture sales and customer contact information. Sale amount, ticket name, address, will be captured. An automatic interface from some POS system



Better insights to your business decisions

Sales Reporting

Understand where you’re losing sales and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Easily track your sales performance.
    • Sales Conversion and Sales vs. Opportunities
    • Total Sales and Average Sales
    • Revenue per opportunity
  • Gather more information about sales staff workload and habits.
    • Time spent with customers
    • Reason reports (no sale/skipped ups/excludes)
    • Sales Stats
  • Insights about your customer’s shopping trends.
    • Advertising source
    • Repeat customers
    • Product categories

Foot Traffic Reporting

Figure out how efficient your store is operating and analyze ways to improve it.

  • Help determine store hours and staffing needs. Traffic charts will show your optimal traffic times and non-optimal times.
  • Learn how your marketing efforts impact store traffic. Keep track of which advertising method brought the customer to the store.



More sales to grow your business faster

Data Import and Export

Import your existing data to Doorcounts, or export it into another software.

  • Prior customer data can be added and Doorcounts can be exported


Almost every part of Doorcounts is fully customizable so you can set it up the way you want to.

Disable features you don’t need. If you don’t want to include a particular feature, it can be turned off.

Organizational structure

Limit level of access based on permissions Hierarchy drill-down reporting by other organizational structures.

Audit excludes and traffic count accuracy. Keep track of who when and why any customer opportunities were excluded.